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Investment Management

Citizens Bank & Trust private banking clients have exclusive access to investment management services and expertise. At Citizens, an experienced portfolio manager will design an investment strategy to support your goals and guide you through any market climate. Our investment management services provide a disciplined committee-supervised process complete with internal and external regulatory oversight

Thoughtful and customized guidance is provided to assist you in reaching your financial goals. Whether growing a business; building, growing, and preserving wealth; or preparing for retirement, Citizens will create a strategy designed to achieve your goals.
Your dedicated banker will construct a portfolio tailored specifically to your needs by choosing from a broad range of products and services.

Investment Services Transfer of Wealth Deposit Services Lending Options Business Succession Planning Financial Management
Individual Stocks Transfer of Wealth Information Checking Accounts Mortgage Loans Buying or selling businesses Commercial Lending
Individual Bonds
Money Markets Home Equity Loans Transferring your business to the next generation Cash & Liquidity Management
Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs)
Saving Accounts Construction Loans
Business Account Services
Mutual Funds
Certificate of Deposits Asset Under Management Loans

Personal Lines of Credit

Farm Loans